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Despite shedding weight, most of us fail to flaunt a toned look because belly fat removal seems next to impossible! It is equally challenging to lose inches from the arm, waistline and thigh or get rid of lower back fat and armpit bulge. In short, getting rid of lower body fat is a concern that plagues most of us! Read on to know more

Different Body Types And Fat Distribution

• Men: Android obesity associated with men having apple-shaped bodies suggests excess fat deposit in the belly region. It indicates high levels of visceral fat and increased risk of suffering from severe health conditions.

• Women: Gynoid obesity associated with women having pear-shaped bodies indicates excess fat accumulation around the hips and thighs. A high waist-hip ratio may suggest that you are more prone to metabolic diseases than others.

Why Is Inch Loss Critical For Enjoying Good Health?
A high body fat percentage poses a significant health risk, yet it often goes undetected due to the following reasons:

• Most of us focus on losing kilos and attaining the ideal BMI (Body Mass Index). However, what we may forget to factor in is our body fat percentage. Metabolic obesity is a critical indicator of unhealthy visceral fat. According to WHO, a ratio of waist and hip circumference or WHR of .9 in men and .85 in women is a predictor of heart diseases, brain stroke and Type 2 diabetes.

• A simplistic fitness regimen that includes diet control and workouts fails to reduce the stubborn fat deposits. Getting back into shape is more challenging for people who have hormonal issues, genetic propensity, insulin resistance, and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and heart-related illnesses than it is for others.

• The significance of Body Composition Analysis (BCA) remains an unheard topic even among health-conscious people. We lack awareness about the different types of fats and the specialised treatments available for each. Your belly fat problem may be due to both excess subcutaneous fat, found directly under the skin, and visceral fat stored in the abdominal cavity around vital organs like liver, pancreas and intestines. Only a qualified medical professional can recommend a suitable treatment based on your BCA

Advanced Inch Loss/Fat Loss Treatments Available At S M WELLNESS:

Inch loss is desirable not only for aesthetic reasons but also on health grounds. S M WELLNESS offers non-surgical body contouring and weight management services for a comprehensive treatment of unhealthy body fat.

• Body Contouring: The advanced non-invasive body contouring treatment based on revolutionary USFDA-approved ultrasound and radiofrequency technology helps in a permanent reduction of stubborn subcutaneous fat from specific areas of the body. It is a safe, painless, and effective treatment for inch loss as it helps to get rid of excess belly fat and love handle to attain a slim waistline. It is also an ideal option for toning your body and eliminating arm, thigh, and back fat. You can opt for it if you have a BMI below 30kg/m2.

• Weight Loss Program: Our signature service is a sustainable program that inculcates lifestyle changes and healthy eating habits. You cannot measure the life-long health benefits it assures in terms of kilos. What Are The Benefits Of Opting For S M WELLNESS Fat Loss Treatment? Here are the top reasons for choosing inch loss at S M WELLNESS:

• Targeted inch loss helps you get rid of stubborn fat deposits effectively yet effortlessly.

• It enables you to achieve a more defined body shape than before.

• It prevents the problem of saggy skin, the aftermath of measurable fat loss.

• The treatment is safe and painless and does not involve any significant discomfort or downtime.
• It is a quick, non-surgical procedure that delivers sustainable results.

• It offers long-lasting satisfaction, especially when combined with our ancillary Beyond Weight Loss services.

How To Get Started?

You can book an appointment online or over the phone by dialling 8140840841. Our customer care team will schedule an appointment with an expert Cosmetologist at your preferred time and location.