Body Sculpting Solution Powered By Ultrasound & RF

Body Contouring treatments enjoy enormous popularity due to our eternal desire to look and feel good. However, fat bulges and saggy skin may result in a poorly defined body shape that may adversely affect our appearance and curtail our outfit options. Fret no more! Many non-surgical, safe and scientifically-backed procedures are now available for effective body sculpting that offer visible and sustainable results!

Challenges Of Getting Back Into Shape Here are the top reasons why most of us need to opt for professional body contouring treatment at clinics:

• Many of us struggle to lose stubborn fat from specific body areas despite a vigorous workout and strict dietary regimen.

• Poor results cause demotivation, as most fitness routines are strenuous and not sustainable.

• Acute weight loss in obese people or post-natal cases may result in sagginess and pendulous fat deposits due to loss of elasticity of the skin and toning the body is impossible naturally. This explains why the “Mommy Makeover” service is in great demand at reputed body contouring clinics. Need to seek expert help to interpret the results of Body Composition Analysis (BCA) and avail a customized body contouring treatment based on the assessment of fat, sag and cellulite in the target area. Benefits Of Body Contouring Treatment Body sculpting can help you achieve the following:

• Slender waistline, flat belly and sculpted flanks are attainable by eliminating stubborn fat bulges and love handle.

• Slim thighs with circumferential reduction, sag correction and cellulite treatment is a possibility now.

• Toned arms and smooth back due to fat loss and reduced skin laxity eliminates visible bra fat, armpit bulge and “bingo wings.”

• Decreased abdominal obesity and correction of unhealthy waist-hip ratio helps prevent metabolic disorders.

• Holistic body contouring improves the overall shape and well-being by reducing unhealthy body fat. It does not focus on just attaining the ideal BMI.

Why Choose S M WELLNESS For Body Contouring Treatment?

Here are the top reasons why you should opt for S M WELLNESS For Body Contouring treatment:

• It is an evidence-based procedure that involves no massages, no magic pills.

• Top Cosmetologist excel at performing customized treatments based on their fat, sag and cellulite assessment in the target area to offer visible body sculpting results.

• Driven by cutting-edge USFDA-approved Accent Prime equipment with dual ultrasound and radiofrequency technology and defined by stringent protocols, the procedure is 100% safe, painless and non-invasive.

• Cost-effective solution for permanent fat loss in limited sessions with no hidden costs of consumables involved.

• In-clinic, lunch-time procedure without blood loss, cuts, hospitalization, complications, downtime and excessive expenditure.

• Additional skin tightening benefits of RF technology boosts collagen production in the treated area and prevents skin sagging after fat loss.

• Complimentary dietary counseling to ensure you enjoys sustainable results.

Our Fat To Slim Approach – Body Contouring Procedure At S M Wellness

If you enroll for S M Wellness Body Contouring treatment here are the steps you can expect:

• One on one consultation with an experienced Cosmetologist

• Assessment of the “metabolic fingerprint” and the fat distribution, laxity and cellulite in the target area

• Checklist for contraindications to assess the suitability for the procedure

• Medical investigations suggested for cases with abdominal obesity and suspected hormonal imbalance

• Customization of a time-bound treatment plan with realistic goal-setting for a targeted fat loss instead of just measuring the results in terms of kilos

• Measurement and photographs of the target area and Body Composition Analysis before starting every session.

• Customized Body Contouring sessions as planned

• Dietary counseling at the time of sign up, before the first procedure and after every session

• Diligent follow-ups and tracking of progress